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    Macanudo Inspirado 5-Pack

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      Macanudo Inspirado 5-Pack

        Each 5 pack contains 1 of each Toro Inspirado cigars:

      • Inspirado White a mellow creamy smoke with hints of spice.
      • Inspirado Orange a thick creamy smoke with hints of almonds and pepper.
      • Inspirado Black a rich medium smoke with a mix of dark mocha and spice.
      • Inspirado Green a medium smoke with earthy sweetness and black pepper.,
      • Inspirado Red a fuller smoke with a combination of dark fruit and black pepper

      There is no need to store this in a Humidor. The resealable pouch of cigars come with a Boveda Humidified Packet so your cigars will remain fresh and ready for you to Enjoy!
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