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    Hoyo LA Amistad Dark Sumatra

    The Hoyo La Amistad series represents a very successful partnership with AJ Fernandez. The three previous release of La Amistad: silver, Gold, and Black were developed in collaboration with AJ and his team. With Dark Sumatra, we took an entirely different tack. We turned the original Hoyo Dark Sumatra blend over to AJ and gave him the green light to run with it. Although the blend is the very same one that has been used continually since the brand launched decades ago, when met with AJ's fermentation, aging and cigar-making techniques, the result is a cigar that tastes vastly different from the original. In a nod to the past, AJ's take on La Amistad Dark Sumatra reimagines the future of the brand by delivering a cigar that puts the Central American forward blend on display. This is a rich and creamy smoke, made in AJ's full-bodied tradition.
    Box Count
    Hoyo LA Amistad Dark Sumatra Espresso
    Size:4 1/2 X 50
    Hoyo LA Amistad Dark Sumatra Media Noche
    Size:5 3/4 X 54
    Hoyo LA Amistad Dark Sumatra Noche
    Size:6 1/2 X 52