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About Us

In 1994 a local wine merchant contracted me to design the interior layout for his package store. He wanted a store layout that focused on his wine sales. Since that first store in 1994, I have been designing, manufacturing and installing custom residential and retail wine cellars.

Over the years I've incorporated humidors into many wine cellar designs. In 2009, while smoking a few cigars with a friend, the concept of Smokin' Betty's was born. The original idea was to go back to my retail clients and build them a climate controlled humidor with top selling hand rolled cigars. That idea evolved into this site. It's taken some time to get here, but I think it will be worth the wait.

I've often been asked "What cigar do you recommend?". Cigar choice is always personal preference, taste, time and social experience. Sometimes you need a starting point. Check out Stogy Stop and let us know what you think.

Pour a glass of wine ... light a cigar ... enjoy life.

Darren Wood