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Charlie Toraño is the current president of the Toraño Family business. For three generations, the Toraño men were leaf growers. Charlie's great-grandfather started growing tobacco in Cuba in 1916, his grandfather and his grandfathers brothers expanded the tobacco growing business and by 1959 the Toraño family owned and operated 17 tobacco farms. After the Cuban revolution his grandfather started growing tobacco in the Dominican Republic. When Charlie's father became involved in tobacco growing, he and his partners grew tobacco in Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador. In early to mid 1980′s his father started a transition from leaf growing to cigar manufacturing. For many years the Toraños made private labels for other cigar distributors. By the mid 1990′s they started their own brand of cigars under the Toraño family name. Their cigar blending philosophy is highly influenced by their tobacco growing experience. They love to make complex cigar blends with tobacco from a variety of different countries. The family company motto is “Make Time to Burn”. They hope you will take some time for yourself this week and burn a Toraño Family Cigar.